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Wiz Hour Reading & Typing​

Wiz Hour is a time for 5th D members to focus on reading and typing skills in a fun and comfortable environment. Two days out of the week Wiz Hour consists solely of reading. Kids typically read one-on-one with a Wizard’s Assistant, or in small groups with other children and one or more Wizard’s Assistants. The Fifth Dimension has a library that includes books of all types and for all ages. The other two days of the week, Wiz Hour includes the option to read or type. 5th D members can choose from a variety of typing games, or they can choose to type a letter to the WIZARD. WIZ Hour also includes special reading activities every month. 

Parents and Guardians are Welcome to Join Us!

Monday: 3:20PM-3:50PM

Tuesday: 2:05PM-2:55PM

Wednesday: 3:20-3:50PM

Thursday: 3:20PM-3:50PM

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