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Whittier Boys & Girls Club’s Fifth Dimension program focuses on ‘digital storytelling’

September 22, 2014


Generations of Fifth Dimension Poets Honor Don Bremme

May 20, 2015​


Whittier boys and girls travel to another `dimension'

October 8, 2010

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The Fifth Dimension:   A BCM Program

The BCM Community Education Programs serve the local youth in Whittier, California, USA and nearby communities.

The BCM Community Education programs are planned, directed, and implemented by a selected group of Whittier College undergraduates, the BCM Scholars, under the guidance of Program Director Katherine Lazo (Whittier College '15, M.A. '17). A generous grant from the BCM Foundation to Whittier College's Department of Education and Child Development provides resources for all the programs, including college financial assistance for each member of the Scholars team. Whittier College and the BCM Scholars work with the Boys & Girls Club of Whittier, the programs community partner. A number of the BCM Community Education Programs are located within the Boys & Girls Club of Whittier.

Overview of Our Program

At the Whittier Fifth Dimension, play and learning unfold through educational computer gamestelecommunications tasks, and Internet investigations that require reading, writing, math-ematics, and logical problem solving. All are set in a fanciful activity system overseen by The WIZARD, said to be the Fifth Dimension's founder and patron. Children who participate in the Fifth Dimension work closely, (often one-on-one) with the BCM Scholars, Whittier College students who while in the Fifth Dimension are known as Wizards’ Assistants (W.A.s).

The Fifth Dimension Is:​

  • A multi-activity, after-school environment in which kids and Whittier College students play and learn together with computers and telecommunications.

  • Organized to promote children's overall cognitive and social development.

  • Based in principles of cultural-historical activity theory.

  • Serves as a site for teacher education, research, service learning, mentoring, and leadership development.

  • Led by the BCM Scholars Team, a specially selected group of outstanding Whittier College graduates and undergraduates.

  • The centerpiece of the BCM Community Education Programs.

  • Within a network of Fifth Dimension and UC Links sites in California, across the USA, and around the world.

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