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Summer Program

Computer-Based Summer Program


The BCM summer program held at Whittier's Boys & Girls Club has the goal of extending children's learning of school-related subjects throughout the summer, a time when declines in student achievement frequently occurs.  To achieve that goal, the program provides computer-based learning activities – including educational games and Internet research, supplemented with field trips, arts and crafts, and other projects. Three to four BCM Scholars, selected for their outstanding performance during the previous school year, plan and guide each summer's program. From summer to summer the theme and organization of the program vary, reflecting the creativity of the selected Scholars.

Check out our 2022 Summer Program, A Blast to the Past

Check out our 2021 Summer Program, Around the World

Check out our 2020 Summer Program, Mad Science Lab

Check out our 2019 Summer Program, Cooking Academy!

Check out our 2018 Summer Program, Galactic Ventures!


Check out our 2017 Summer Program, Earth Rangers

Check out our 2016 Summer Program, Protectors of the World (P.O.W)

Check out our 2015 Summer Program, The Space Race!


Check out our 2014 Summer Program, the Secret Agent Academy Computer Program!


Check out our 2013 Summer Program, The Mad Lab!

Project-Based Summer Program


In an effort to continue the goal of extending children's learning of school-related subjects throughout the summer, Fifth Dimension has implemented its Project Based Summer Program. This program was designed to accommodate the year round school schedule initiated in 2014. In doing so, this program offers support at the Boy and Girls Club of Whittier while the Fifth Dimension is not yet back in session. The Project Based Summer Program is a three-week (1 week planning and 2 weeks operating) program which runs throughout this transitional period. Two to three BCM Scholars will design a project in which program participants will participate in a Project Based Learning experience. Collectively, participants will work together to develop the project over the course of the two weeks. Children will gain knowledge through investigation, responding to complex questions, critically thinking, and problem solving. 

Check out our 2019 Project-Based Program, Community Heroes.

Check out our 2018 Project-Based Program, Kreative Dream Productions


Check out our 2017 Project Based-Program, Whittier's Wordly Wanderers

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