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The Blast to the Past Summer Program was created in order to widen the knowledge and experience on diverse mythological stories of other cultures and their history. In order to achieve this goal, we taught daily mythological stories that went with the theme of the week. Some of the themes included Incan, Norse, and Japanese Mythology. Students were also given an opportunity to participate in biweekly activities that allowed students to create their own mythological story! We had a series of 9 game cards with 3 games in each card for students to complete. Each card represented a character from each Mythological theme that we covered over the course of our Summer Program. Students who completed all 9 cards would rank up to become a Mythologist! In addition to game play and activities, we also decided to take students on a field trip to the Getty Villa in Malibu where they were able to learn and see artwork about Roman, Greek and Egyptian Mythology.


The Blast to the Past Summer Program is a technology-based mythology program in which students were able to recreate important artifacts and learn academic skills through game play! This 10 week program took place Monday-Friday from early June until August.

Blast To The Past

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