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Due to the pandemic, this was our first year back in person working with the students at the Boys and Girls Club of Whittier! Around the Globe was centered around traveling and discovering different countries and cultures around the world! In order to achieve this goal, we did weekly activities that showcased the culture/country we focused on for the week. We also watched short videos that gave a brief overview of the country/culture. Each student was given a passport that had 3 spaces for stamps each week. Each stamp represented an activity that we covered based on the country or culture we learned about that week. Students who completed all the tasks with the stamps would rank up to Lead Explorer. In addition to the activities, we were able to take students to our local cinema for a field trip.


Our Around the Globe Program is a technology and activity based program in which student were able to learn and participate in cultural activities and learn academic skills through game play! This 10 week program took place Monday- Friday from early June until August.

Around the Globe

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