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Galactive Ventures

Hop on our rocket ship this summer 2018 and join the CSS Voyagers in a galactic venture filled with mystery and fun, through space. A CSS Voyager is someone who is curious and seeks to learn more about the universe. In their adventures through space, they make collaborative discoveries that lead to a better understanding of their surroundings and position in a bigger context. CSS Voyagers are individuals who embrace the unknown and extend their scientific learning through game play and weekly activities. With great excitement our summer team, made up by Nicole Arce, Sabrina Guzman, and Sarah Montoya, are inspired to introduce this year’s BCM Summer Program as, Galactic Ventures. 

The Galactic Ventures, is a technology-based learning program that strives to encourage participants to setting long term goals and exploring new things. Participants will be engaged in gameplay to discover fun, new, and excitingly different scenarios that will push their boundaries and ways of practicing their cognitive skills. The Galactic Ventures program will be running Monday through Friday from June 11, 2018 to August 10, 2018. 

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