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BCM Scholars

The Whittier Fifth Dimension and associated BCM Community Education Programs are planned, directed, and implemented by a specially selected group of Whittier College students, the BCM Scholars. Members of the Scholars team are chosen based on rigorous criteria: outstanding scholarship, leadership, and character -- and, especially, demonstrated commitment to social justice through education.

BCM Scholars work one-to-one with children and manage daily program operations in the Fifth Dimension, as well as in other BCM programs held at the Boys & Girls Club of Whittier. When in the Fifth Dimension, the BCM Scholars are known as Wizards’ Assistants or W.A.s. They act not as authority figures, but as partners and peers to the kids. The W.A.s learn with, alongside, and from the kids. They help guide the kids through their activities, but they are also people who the kids can go to for advice, guidance, or simply to talk to.

The team also plans and carries out Whittier College's Day on Campus Program. When working with students for a Day on Campus, the BCM Scholars act not only as mentors, but as relatable peers who are in college. They strive to learn as much about the students they are working with as much as they strive to share information about themselves and college.

The BCM Scholars dedicate an immense amount of time and effort to the BCM Community Education Programs which they plan and carry out. They work collaboratively as teammates and they participate in bi-annual retreats that cover everything from communication and dedication to leadership and planning.

Program innovation is a responsibility of the Scholars, too; and each year they enrich BCM programs with new learning experiences for children, youth, and families. In return for their program commitments, members of the Scholars team receive college financial assistance through a grant from the BCM Foundation.

These students were selected because of their endless dedication and commitment to the goals, values, and beliefs of the Fifth Dimension. They are truly committed to striving for social justice and equality for all. 

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