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Our Citizens

The Whittier Fifth Dimension serves the local youth, ages 6-13, from Whittier, CA and the surrounding area. 


The children who participate in the Fifth Dimension are typically referred to as 5th Dimension citizens. This is because the Fifth Dimension is truly a community within itself. The children are the active and most important members of the 5th D community. They not only have the power and ability to choose if they wish to participate in the program, but also have the power to change and add to it as well. The 5th D citizens are encouraged to take ownership of the program and to voice their opinions, views, and suggestions. Often times additions to the Fifth Dimension come from an idea that a 5th D citizen has had. The BCM Scholars are constantly amazed at how creative, intelligent, and innovative the 5th D citizens are. 

If you would like to learn more about the students we work with during our Day on Campus program, click here.

Below are some of the activities that Fifth Dimension citizens can choose from:
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