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Space Race​

The 2015 BCM Community Education Program team consisted of Joshua Carter, Colleen Guzman, and Angelica Navarrete. As a team, they worked collaboratively to create, develop, and manage the BCM Community Education Summer Program, The Space Race. The Space Race is a technology-based learning program that aimed to encourage participants to investigate different and exciting topics as well as engage in scenarios or experiences related to space exploration. Participating members enrolled in the playful 9-week training camp participated as ‘cadets,’ explorers in their everyday lives who developed 21st Century skills such as critical thinking through game play. Through hidden-learning activities, field-trips and gaming sessions, our program promoted self-directed learning, encouraged creative thinking, and developed members as active members of the world. The Space Race ran five days a week, Monday-Friday June 8, 2015-August 7, 2015.

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