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The Mad Science Lab

The Mad Science Lab Summer Program was created in the pandemic. Living in these crazy times encouraged us to continue our traditional summer programs, even if it meant changing it to virtual. We missed our in-person interactions with the kids, but we also touched on our most creative side to come up with a fun yet educational virtual program. Every week consisted of a different science: Geology, Paleontology, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Marine Biology, Astronomy, and Zoology. For every week, we had activities revolved around the theme and we had 1 big hands-on activity per theme. These big hands-on activities consisted of kits that we would either do a contact-less pick up or delivery for the kids. Some examples are an erupting volcano and making ooblek!

The Mad Science Lab Summer Program was a virtual program in which students were able to learn about different sciences and do hands-on activities. This program took place Monday through Friday from early June till August.

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