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Project Based

Whittier's Worldy Wanderers

The 2017 BCM Community Education Project Based summer team consisted of Natalie Graf and Sarah Montonya. Together, they worked collaboratively to create, develop, and manage the BCM Community Project Based Summer Program. Last summer, Whittier's Worldy Wanderers, explored the living styles of 7 countries and their respective cultures. Participants created their own passports as they visited a different country on their journey around the world. This particular program sought to widen the children's curiosity and global perspectives in order to become more inclusive and open-minded within their community, encourage collaboration by discovering new cultures, as well as take ownership over the information they find and shared in their blog. Not only did the children learn about different cultural traditions and characteristics, but also created some of their own artifacts, such as mandalas, hand-fans, masks, and more. 


Visit the Whittier Worldy Wanderers' blog to explore their findings: 

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