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Earth Rangers

The 2017 BCM Community Education Summer Program team consisted of Isabel Cuen, Gisselle Diaz, and Angelica Navarette. As a team, they worked collaboratively as "Global Guardians" to create, develop, and manage the BCM Community Education Summer Program, Earth Rangers. Last summer, The Earth Rangers' goal was to promote the education of ecosystems, climate change, and conservation of earth. In doing so, they aimed to empower and positively inform kids about how to be conscious and knowledgable of the earth's environments, and how they could do their part in the conservation of the planet. Navigating through various ecosystems, Earth Rangers explored different environments, aided eco-friendly communities, and explored various ecosystems. Through hidden-learning activities, field-trips, and gaming sessions, the program  promoted self-directed learning, encouraged creative thinking, provided goal setting opportunities, and developed members as active members of the world. Earth Rangers program ran five days a week, Monday-Friday June 12, 2017-August 11, 2015.

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