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Protecors of the World

The 2016 BCM Community Education Summer Program team consisted of students who attend Whittier College, throughout the academic school year. Isabel Cuen, Aaron Espinosa, Sabrina Guzman, and Anakaren Serrano proudly made up the 2016 summer's team and were known as  "Sidekicks" who assisted the “heroes/heroines" (the children). The team was responsible for working collaboratively to create, develop, and run the program. The Protectors of the World, is a technology-based learning program that strove to encourage participants to set long term goals and explore new things. Participants engaged in gameplay to discover fun, new, and excitingly different scenarios that pushed their boundaries and ways of practicing their cognitive skills. They had one field-trip to Meltdown Comics, one of the oldest and largest comic book stores in Los Angeles, where they got a special tour of the store as well as a private lesson in drawing and comic book-making. Each week they alternated between dedicating one session to either an activity or creating a digital story film that was then presented at the Boys and Girls Club’s End of the Summer Talent Show. POW ran five days a week, Monday through Friday, for ten weeks from June 3, 2016 to August 12, 2016.

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