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Mad Lab

The summer of 2013 the BCM Scholars in charge of planning the summer program chose to take a scientific approach. Stephanie Carmona, Fabian Moreno, and Jenniffer Jennings transformed the FIfth DImension into the Mad Lab, a fun space where membersexperimented with the sciences and their curiosities. A main goal of the Mad Lab was to expose students to science in a fun, hands-on, environment intended to decrease the intimidation and stigma that the sciences often carry. Along with everyday computer play, interactive activities and field trips, the Mad Lab was intended to increase the members' curiosities and interests in various science subjects. That summer, the members of the Mad Lab went on two field trips. The first was an interactive and personalized trip to the Discovery Science Center. The second was a science-themed Day on Campus trip to Whittier College, in which the kids attended their own physics class with Professor Zorba. The Mad Lab also exposed members' to the ways in which science plays an important role in our everyday lives along with the various possibilities of careers in the field.

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