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Secret agent academy

The 2014 summer BCM scholars who were responsible for designing the summer program opted with a mysterious approach. Diego Romero (15'), Kathy Lazo(15'), and Andres Garcia (16') transformed the The Fifth Dimension into The Secret Agent Academy Computer Program. The goal of the SAA program was to investigate different and exciting topics that allowed children to develop skills on how to be a detective in their everyday lives as well as allow the children to engage in computer play. Through activities, field trips, and even in sessions they helped them learn independence and determination to find answers to problems and at the same time exposing them to occupations in detective work. The children built investigative skills through different scenarios and questions posed by the summer team, tying in with their goal of exposing the children to different occupations by looking into the criminal and cultural situations that detectives take into consideration when solving crimes. The theme of the program is based in investigating and learning about different scenarios or cases through the lens of different detective occupations. Members of The Secret Agent Academy, had two fieldtrips. The first was an interactive tour to the Los Angeles Police Museum, where their guide was a retired police officer. The second trip was to the Norwalk Court House, where the children attended a mock trial and got the opportunity to speak to a judge. The summer was filled with mysteries and activities for the Agents of this Academy to solve! 

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