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Kreative Dream Productions

The 2018 BCM Community Education Project Based summer team consisted of Anakaren Serrano and Sabrina Guzman. Together, they worked collaboratively to create, develop, and manage the Kreative Dream Productions. Last summer, Kreative Dream Productions was a program dedicated to helping kids explore the meaning of empowerment through speech and video-making. In Kreative Dream Productions, students researched how people around the world use their voice to spread empowerment, they worked collaboratively to find their own voices through their writing, and worked creatively to produce films and spread their message. Students were encouraged to critically and meaningfully question how they can use their recourses to empower themselves as well as others and to think of the way empowerment affects our lives. Students engaged in the writing process (brainstorming, peer review, critique and revision, editing, etc.) and utilizing technology needed to produce films (working a camera, iMovie, editing clips, word documents, etc.). The children' completed films were showcased and presented to peers and family at the end of the program. 


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