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In Person Program

Check out the pages below to view what in-person events we are hosting!
Due to COVID-19, we are currently hosting limited in-person events.

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College Class Visits

The college class visits are a part of our Day on Campus events. Click below to learn more about them!


Day on Campus

The CEPI program supports the parents, family, and/or guardian that attends the trip by providing them with their own unique experiences.

*This is a partnership with the Fifth Dimension Program.

fieldtrip 11/13/19

Field Trips

Our field trips offer a chance for CEPI members and team to come together for a fun day of games and activities.


Projects, Workshops, and Special Events

These events are held and planned with the interest of the CEPI adults in mind. The intention behind these events is to provide a space where individuals can create and share their stories.



Technology Classes

These are informal classes that focus on technology to create a flexible and safe learning environment for adults. These classes aim to cater to each learner and their particular interests or needs.

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