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Clases de tecnología

One of CEPI's main focuses is to provide informal technology class to adults. This includes parents, grandparents, family members, and anyone over 18 years of age.

These classes are informal and unique in the way that they are catered to the interests of the students who attend. 

A day in a CEPI class can include creating a Gmail account, working on Google Docs, working on a resume, paying for your bills online, or it can simply can be a fun way to learn about resources and have access to computers, printing, and the Internet. It can also include fun projects that involve technology, story telling, and opportunities to gather with friends, family, and our community.

The classes are facilitated by our CEPI team & CEPI interns which are Whittier College undergraduate students. The students work one on one with the adults, and are able to teach and learn with them. Classes are predominantly in Spanish but material and translation in English is provided. 

Class Information

*Due to the coronavirus, these classes will be conducted on Zoom. In-person classes will resume after we return to normal. Click on the icon on the right to learn more about our Virtual Program!

Presentations in class
Logging into computers
CEPI team with students
Watching a Ted talk together
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