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College class visits

CEPI strives to form different partnerships across the community. One of our most popular activities that adults can participate in is our visits to the Whittier College campus.

We've developed partnerships across different departments including the Modern Language (Spanish), Social Work, and Child Development department.  

This is now the fifth year that CEPI adults attend a Spanish Elementary I and Elementary II course as a way to enhance the undergraduate's experience while learning a new language.

The adults are constantly interchanging the teacher and learner role with the students by coming in as the teachers, and creating an informal and nurturing environment to communicate and share their culture.

The CEPI team attends these classes when they can in order to help facilitate group discussions if needed, but also to immerse themselves in these different learning opportunities.

Courses that CEPI adults have attended as Guest Speakers:


  • SOWK: Introduction of Social Work

  • SOWK: Immigrants and Refugees

  • CHDV: Child, Family, & Community

Classes they've attended on a biweekly basis

  • Elementary Spanish I

  • Elementary Spanish II

  • Intermediate Spanish 220

  • Intermediate Spanish 221


Spanish Class Visit
Introduction to SOWK
Spanish Class Visit
Teaching and Learning
Working together
Introductions in Spanish
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