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Day on Campus

The Fifth Dimension organizes and plans a Day on Campus experience for classes coming to Whittier College! The day is filled with a campus tour, dorm tour. Visitors even have the opportunity to sit in an actual college class and meet students and professors who are all catered to their interests.

CEPI helps by extending the invitation to parents, guardians, or family members who would also like to be a part of this experience. The adults that come get to be in their own group and receive more in-depth information from the Admissions Office, and often times, professors or students themselves who want to give advice or answer any questions they may have.

These days are planned and conducted by Whittier College students who are a part of the CEPI team. You will get to see some of our most popular areas on campus! We will take you to places such as the library, cafeteria, gymnasium, art building, and you will also have the opportunity to sit in a college class and view our dorm rooms! Our goal through our Day on Campus event is to inform parents what not just Whittier, but all colleges have to offer.

Sharing a meal today on Campus!
Just had an Admissions Talk!
Sitting in a Music Class!
Checking out the fields!
Spanish Class visit!
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